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With labor and material shortages delaying projects and resulting in significant cost overruns, GCs and Owners are facing significant risk in nearly all phases of construction. IBT transforms this risk into opportunity through the use of advanced building information modeling (BIM) that allows us to deliver your primary structure in less time, with fewer errors, and at a predictable price.

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Modeling (BIM)

Pre fabrication [Panelized Construction]

Site Installation [Complete Turnkey Framing Services]

Advantages of Panelized Construction

Design Flexibility
Your design, manufactured by us.

Less Manpower
Skilled work is completed in our facility and fewer workers are required onsite to install your structure, leading to less traffic and higher safety at the job site.

Parallel Workstreams
Project schedules are greatly reduced when vertical work can be completed concurrently with horizontal work. Once your foundation is ready, your structure can be delivered and installed on site.

Reduced Material Waste
Lean manufacturing allows for an 85% reduction in material waste and tighter cost control.

Expedited Schedule
A compressed site schedule allows up to 50% faster installation than traditional building methods.

Cost Competitive
A systemic approach in a conditioned space allows us to focus on quality, cost, and efficiency without charging premium prices.

Our Process

Our process allows us to deliver your building structure more efficiently, moving it off the critical path quicker than traditional building methods.

Virtual Construction

Your architectural plans are processed by our building technology team and reformatted into drawings of "kit of parts" assemblies. This process allows us to identify conflicts and find potential opportunities for value engineering – information which is passed to you as our client.


Panels are manufactured in our facility and stacked upright like a set of books ready for transport to the site. By constructing panels on a manufacturing line, we can control quality and safety.


Once loaded on the truck, panels are delivered to the site and craned into place. Other systems, like plumbing, mechanical, and HVAC, are then integrated into the site’s infrastructure.

Our Products

Innovation and automation allow us to provide our clients with exceptional products and service.

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Our mission is to foster collaboration and drive innovation in the design and construction industries. Let us show you how we are doing that right now.

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